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Johann Martinez Production Directory Scam

Johann Martinez Production Directory Scam

We have been made aware of scam that is affecting the members of our publicly available online production directory. The scam is an email from a “Johann Martinez” claiming to have gotten the user’s information from the Nevada Film Office and informing them of a job opportunity.

After several reports of others receiving a similar message we looked into the issue and discovered that this is a known scam going around affecting others in the film production industry, it’s just that the scammer is using our name in this particular incident.

The Nevada Film Office does NOT solicit via email or text message nor do we work in conjunction with other 3rd parties soliciting services. The production database is available online to connect crews and vendors with productions looking to hire them.

This person is retrieving contact information from our publicly available crew / vendor production directory and reaching out to people and businesses listed under the guise of having “received your information from Nevada Film Office”.

If you receive a message like this from a Johann Martinez, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND. Because the online directory is publicly available in order to connect crews and vendors, we cannot control how everyone uses (or in this case abuses) the information within it. Your best defense is to simply not respond and delete the message or email.

“Top of the day to you, I saw your AD posted for a Makeup Artist position on nevadafilmoffice. After reviewing your profile, I feel excited with your past descriptions. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated. Kindly confirm your availability and email your recent resume to (johannmartinez so that I can send over the full job descriptions.”

Click here for more information on the Johann Martinez scam

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