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Location Spotlight: Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory

Marked by a giant, 18-foot fiberglass figure known as the Claim Stake Prospector along US Hwy 395, the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory is a classic, old-fashioned candy store that makes its own sweets in-house and “sparks joy” with the inner child who just can’t help but experience awe and excitement at the wonderful assortment of tasty confections.

The Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory originated in Akron, Ohio but relocated to Washoe Valley, NV in 1983. A logo that the business had designed turned out to closely resemble the prospector, who was originally built for the Claim Stake Casino in downtown Sparks. The Claim Stake Casino ended up closing down just a few years after the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory moved to Nevada, and the family-owned candy factory took the prospector in and set him up outside of their store, where he continues to be a major attraction and stands as a dedication to the people who built Nevada.

Take a look at the Claims Stake Prospector here.

Also known for “the richest chocolate in the west,” the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory makes over 100 varieties of chocolates, never using any additives or preservatives and only using the finest ingredients, such as pure chocolate, fresh cream and butter. They make a huge variety of peanut brittle, with its classic offering being a special recipe passed down from generation to generation (actually, three generations to be exact), as well as gourmet taffy, homemade caramel, peanut butter, marshmallow cream, and so much more.

Take a tour of the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory below:

Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory” by Rocky Mountain Dining & Destinations

If you are looking for a film-friendly, old fashioned candy store with fun decorations, old antiques, and more, check out the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory! For more information and pictures, you can view the full Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory filming location details here and don’t forget to register your project!

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