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Location Spotlight: Dino’s

Once voted Best Dive by Playboy, Dino’s is one of the oldest bars in downtown Las Vegas, NV. Dubbing itself “The Last Neighborhood Bar in Las Vegas,” Dino’s was originally called Ringside Liquors and owned by mobster Eddie Trascher. The bar was renamed Dino’s Lounge after it was purchased by a new owner, Rinaldo Dean (“Dino”) Bartolomucci, in 1962.

With a classic old school Vegas vibe complete with low ceilings, a smoky atmosphere, dark amber lights, and pool tables, Dino’s has long established itself as not only a locals’ favorite but also a fun dive experience for tourists.

Currently owned by Dino’s granddaughters Kristin and Casey, the bar offers a rich history, affordable drinks, and a karaoke venue so spectacular that it was also voted Best Karaoke in Las Vegas and has countless reviews raving about its karaoke experience.

In addition to hosting unforgettable karaoke nights that bring complete strangers together and make singers feel like superstars, Dino’s is also home to the first ceiling art gallery in Las Vegas where artists paint a single tile that is unveiled on the last Friday of each month.

Fun Fact: Dino’s bartenders nominate customers for a “Drunk of the Month” contest and other customers get to vote for the winner. The winner gets a shirt that says “Drunk of the Month” and their own parking spot.

Being a 24-hour bar, some might be surprised to find out that Dino’s has closed on a few occasions in its 50+ year history – the first time for a private party, the second time for the shooting of a movie Lucky You, and the third time for Playboy (Germany).

The production crew for the 2007 movie Lucky You starring Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana spent approximately nine days filming in the parking lot of Dino’s. While no filming actually took place inside the bar, characters were filmed going in and out of the establishment and Dino’s neon green sign can even be seen in the film’s trailer.

Dino’s can also be spotted in Sam Smith’s music video for “Money On My Mind.”

If you are looking for a classic neighborhood bar with lots of character and a passionate karaoke scene, check out Dino’s – the last neighborhood bar in Las Vegas! For more information and pictures, you can view the full Dino’s filming location details here and don’t forget to register your project!

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