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Scene In Nevada: “Heavy Submarine” by Zelly Vibes (Spanish Version)

Scene In Nevada: "Heavy Submarine" by Zelly Vibes (Spanish Version)

Born in California and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Zelly Vibes is a singer/songwriter who has been performing since the age of eleven. She began her career singing Spanish Folk music and debuted her first English mixtape in March 2016. She recently released the music video for the Spanish version of her song “Heavy Submarine.”

The music video was filmed at Carniceria Guadalajara located in North Las Vegas. Watch it below:

Fun Fact: The original music video for the English version was released in 2016. Watch it on YouTube here.

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  • Music: Zelly Vibes
  • Director: Leslie Gomez
  • Cinematography: Tate McCurdy
  • Steadicam: Alex White
  • 1st AC: Traiana Nescheva
  • Gaffer: Alfredo Montenegro
  • Grip: Stacey Gearing
  • Grip: Marco Traveres
  • Editor/AD: Heather Aradas
  • Colorist: Tate McCurdy
  • Makeup: Caitlyn Young
  • Art: Thinh Nguyen
  • Choreographer: Olivia Hernando
  • Dancers & Talent: Olivia Hernando, Mariah Rivera, LJ Martinez, Darrell Rivera, Jesus Nanci, Jacent Wamala, Patsy Rodriguez
  • BTS: Lynsey Cook
  • Location: Carniceria Guadalajara (Las Vegas)
  • Additional Support: Ngan Ha, Sean Gearing, Ryan Galvan, Mr. Camera Inc., Robert Starling, Uraina Serna

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