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The Nevada Filming Locations Database

Want to be in a feature film or television series but can’t act? Have you considered using your home, office building, warehouse, restaurant, bar, hotel, desert land or other property to be utilized by various productions as a location?

The Nevada Film Office is always seeking unique locations to add to our online location library to entice Hollywood’s next big blockbuster, and this is your chance to be a part of it!

If you think you have the perfect scenic, picturesque, quirky and/or distinct location, create your FREE film location listing and it could be seen on the big or small screen!

The Nevada Film Office gives you complete control over your location and account, providing you with all the tools to market your location to the thousands of film, TV and content creators looking to work with you.

Getting your business, residence, office or any location in front of film, TV and other production executives has never been easier!

Set up your account, update your contact information, and add new photos – all under your complete control through your new filming locations dashboard. Submitting your listing is always completely FREE!

Nevada Filming Locations Database Features

  • Fully user-managed filming location listing with ability to edit / update / delete your listing at any time
  • Manage multiple location listings under a single account
  • Upload a large featured image
  • Upload up to 12 additional photos for a photo gallery
  • Include up to 2 external links related to your location, such as a website, social media page / account, or video tour
  • Embedded Google Map of your location
  • Ability to keep filming location address private from public view

How It Works

Step 1.
Check out our page on how to create a great looking listing along with ideal information to include in your listing.

Step 2.
Create an Account or Log In.

Step 3.
Complete our filming location listing submission form and upload your location photos to submit to Nevada Film Office for review.

Step 4.
Update / edit / delete your listing at any time through your own user account dashboard.

If your listing is approved, you will be notified by email and your listing will immediately appear publicly on our website and become searchable in our database.

What are the benefits of listing my location?

Your location could be featured in a film, TV show, commercial, music video, documentary or still photo shoot. You could earn location fees, exposure, and additional customers to your business when featured in a high profile production.

Producers are looking for locations! Get your location seen and featured in a future production by keeping an up-to-date listing.

When production executives find something they are interested in, they will click the link to find out more information, connecting them with the Nevada Film Office so that we can connect them with you.

What should I charge?
There are several factors that can determine what you can charge as location fees. You should consider the costs of utilities, extra staffing/security needed, and any lost business if you are a business owner.

Productions can range from low budget indie films to popular network TV series or large studio features. We recommend developing a sliding fee scale that takes into consideration varying crew sizes and production budgets.

What questions should I ask if approached by a production that wants to use my property?

  • What type of production is it?
  • What is the name of the production company and title of production?
  • Who is the contact person at the production company?
  • How many shoot dates? Shoot hours? Prep days?
  • Ask them to provide a description of the activity taking place in the scene(s).
  • Crew and cast size? Number of vehicles?
  • Do they have insurance?

What You Should Know:
Doing business with film, TV and other productions can become very involved. There are many factors to be considered, including permitting, parking, safety, liability, location fees and contracts.

The Nevada Film Office offers a directory of industry professionals that includes Locations Managers, Scouts, and other professionals who can assist you and handle the requirements necessary for a great production experience!

If you are ready to submit your property as a filming location, click the button below!

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    Whether you have a ranch, a bar, a casino or even your own private residence, send us your photos and your location might end up in Hollywood’s next big blockbuster!

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