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Production Notes: Dialogue Editor

Production Notes: Dialogue Editor

What Is A Dialogue Editor?

In filmmaking, a dialogue editor is a type of sound editor whose responsibilities include assembling, synchronizing, and editing all of the sound that comes from the set, which is captured by the production’s sound mixer/recordist. The main goals of a dialogue editor are to make tracks smoother and clearer, give the sound depth, and cut for perspective.

Editing conversations in particular requires close attention to detail because the words spoken must be in sync with the picture. In addition, the conversation being held between characters must have a natural rhythm. If some of the audio tracks are unusable for any reason, such as background noise obscuring the words, then the actors can be brought back into the sound studio to watch their performances and re-record their lines.

To cut for perspective means to adjust the sound based on the picture when the camera shot changes significantly during a scene. For example, a close up perspective of someone pouring a drink into a glass would mean adjusting the audio to help make viewers feel very close to the action, but if that cuts into a medium perspective of the drink being poured, the audio would be adjusted to sound farther away.

When the dialogue editor has completed their job, the re-recording mixer uses their dialogue track to mix with music and sound effects tracks to create the final soundtrack.

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